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Yearend Accounts and Tax Returns

Whether you're a sole trader, a partnership, or a company, you will need to produce yearend accounts and tax returns.

Is it getting to "that time of year" again and you find the preparation of the annual accounts and tax return a big chore? You may have the skills but not the time.

Or are you a new business owner and not really sure how to do your yearend accounts and complete a tax return? Not to worry, Artisan Accountant can guide you through the entire process...

You may be entitled to a tax refundYou may be entitled to a tax refund


And for your convenience will...

  • Complete the yearend accounts including the trading profit (or loss) and balance sheet

  • Ensure the accurate completion of the self-assessment tax return
  • Produce company financial statements for filing at Companies Registration Office

Self-assessment tax return

It is possible to do your own tax return through the Revenue Online System (ROS). You will need to register and then work through the form 11, populating all the required fields . However, it is very easy to overlook reliefs or credits that you may be due. This could, in the end, cost you more than an accountant’s fee.

You will be required to complete the section on extracts from your accounts. If you are not familiar with doing accounts, including the P&L and Balance Sheet, this may prove difficult.

At Artisan Accountant we can help you in these areas. We can do the self-assessment for you. Alternatively, some clients like to do the assessment themselves but will have a few specific questions. We are happy to help in this way too. 


Limited company yearend accounts and tax returns

The tax return commitments and other compliance requirements for a limited company are quite onerous. As a director owning more than 15%  of the shares of a limited company you will be required to submit a form 11 tax return. A corporation tax return will be due for the company  in the 9th month after the yearend. Also, there are strict compliance requirements with the Companies Registration Office (CRO).



We will assist with completing the yearend accounts and tax reurns and, also, meet with you to run through the accounts. This gives you an opportunity to ask questions and to make sure you understand the figures. Most importantly, we will assist with minimising your tax liability. 

If you would like more information about this service please call Frances on +353-(0)87-689-6211 or email